Sunday, July 1, 2012

Adventures in Digital Scrapbooking

My first love is scrapbooking but let's be honest, I always feel like I'm so far behind!  I can't seem to make myself break from chronologically scrapbooking so I'm always stuck in the past.  At least with card-making I can usually start one, design it, finish it and move on in one sitting. 

In an effort to try to make some real progress with my scrapping this year I decided that I would try to do the next year of my boys' books digitally.  I found some great classes from Jessica Sprague that really helped me understand Photoshop and kick me into gear.  Here are a few of the layouts that we worked through in her class:

Isn't that awesome??  I was so impressed with the class and how easy it was to pick up.  I highly recommend checking out her website for any crafting things that you've wanted to learn how to do. I would almost guarantee she has a class on it!

Here's one that I did on my own for my facebook timeline banner.  Super cute!

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